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I am an official Star Wars artist who also does anything from sci-fi fantasy work to classic fine art pieces. I've been doing art since I was old enough to comprehend what a pencil or paint brush was used for. I've exhausted every drawing medium out there, graphite, pen and ink, colored pencils, all pastels, charcoal, markers, and all paints.

I work with both digital and traditional mediums. Be it using Photoshop to illustrate or the classic pencil and paper, I love art. I have shown in several local art shows and events at The Colorado Gallery of the Arts, The Arvada Center, the Asian Pacific Development Center, RAW Natural Born Artists, along with Denver Comic Con.


I offer both digital and traditional services. I do anything from sketch cards and fully illustrated scenes.

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Email: Kaela.Croft@gmail.com
Skype: kaela.croft

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